Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Two Poems Today

Here are two poems I drafted yesterday while my students were taking finals. Please comment.

Winter Moon

O winter moon
if only warmth
issued from
your sinews

rather than
biting cold, darkness,
and death.


Untitled - suggestions for a title would be greatly appreciated

My son naps,
like a curled
in a three foot
by five and a half
of warmed carpet.

Super-heated by a
winter sun.

Melting the
stabbing icicles
and providing
blanket heat
for my child.


Joseph Hutchison said...

No editorial notes, but a reading suggestion based on these poems. For another take on the moon, Yeats's "Adam's Curse", and for your son and your wish for him, Coleridge's micro/macro masterpiece "Frost at Midnight". Enjoy!

S_Allen said...

Wow thank you Joe for the recommendations. Both beautiful pieces.

Did you get my email?