Monday, December 1, 2008

I've been thinking about this for quite a while.

I took Poetry: The Voice Within this Fall semester at DU. The course was taught by the inspiring Joe Hutchinson and during the course I stumbled upon his blog and that of several other writers. I did some investigating and discovered that blogging has its merits. I had always thought of it as people who had either too much time on their hands or families that wanted to share pictures of junior.

In my case, both may be true.

This blog will be a mixture of a lot of different things. I would like to share my writing with others from this venue. But I would also like to discuss things that interest me. Video games, comic books and miniature war gaming will frequently fill my posts. Most of all I hope that this will be a nice springboard for my writing. If I can be dutiful and write here often, perhaps it will turn into an excercise before I get the really serious writing.

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Joseph Hutchison said...

You may find this of interest, Scott.

And welcome to the blogosphere!