Sunday, December 7, 2008

Crayon Nebulous

Sometimes my son scribbles in my notebooks.
Circular loops
coming together in a crayon

A new universe
in my notepad.

I wonder
at the genius
his tiny
hands have sired.

And I help him
sign and date
at the bottom.

I welcome any comments - still in the drafting phase on this one


Joseph Hutchison said...

There's something off but intriguingly so in the loops "coming together" in the epicenter. Forces usually radiate outward from an epicenter, not inward, and the movement here is outward: the son "overwriting" the father and the father helping him identify himself to the larger world by signing and dating that overwrite. So maybe the loops should move outward too...?

S_Allen said...


Thanks for the thought Joe

William Michaelian said...

On the other hand, the epicenter might not exist without the loops — it might be the result of the loops coming together, each smaller than the loop that preceded it....

And it might be said that the son is helping the father identify himself to the larger world.

Inward and outward at the same time?

Mr J said...

I also think of earthquakes, the epicenter being the center and the origin, where waves travel from but where measurements return to. The better scientists measure earthquakes more we know. Hopefully the more involved a father is in his child's life, the greater the impact.