Saturday, February 27, 2016

X-Files Review

In the past I've seen only a handful of X-Files episodes. When I taught the Science Fiction class at Arapahoe High School, I used the episode The Post-Modern Prometheus (Season 5, Episode 5) when I taught the robot unit. That episode got me addicted to Cher's version of Walking in Memphis.

So, when season ten came on this January for a 6-episode event, I decided to give it a try. So, my review is from someone who is not an X-Files fan; someone who doesn't know much of the mythology of the X-Files.

 Overall, I enjoyed it. I do not think that there is enough good Sci Fi on network TV, which is unfortunate. Not every episode was awesome, but I did enjoy this season. My favorite episodes were 1, 2, 4, and 6. I enjoyed the greater conspiracy that seemed to be going on rather than the monster-of-the-week episodes. Episode 3 was my least favorite because it was less serious than the other ones.


I even liked that the final episode ended on a cliff-hanger. To me that means that this show will be back next year and maybe they will make more episodes--I'm thinking 10 would be great. I like the shorter British style of TV seasons.

The big question is...since I was not an X-Files fan before, will this spurn me to go back and watch the other nine seasons? I don't think so. You never know though, I do sometimes get bored during breaks from school and I might check out some episodes, but this show didn't hold my attention like a season of Downton Abbey or Vikings or Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad would. It was just okay.

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