Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Oh yeah, this should play out just fine: An Analysis of Rick and Morty Season 1, Episode 2

Episode two, Lawnmower Dog, is, in my opinion, the weakest episode in season one. Because of this, I am going to keep my analysis short.

The episode starts with the family dog peeing on the carpet and Jerry asks Rick to whip up some science solution to the problem. Rick creates a helmet to make the dog smarter and then whisks Morty away to intercept Morty's math teacher's dreams. The purpose of entering Mr. Goldenfold's dreams is to make him give Morty A's in math.

Now, I could stop here and discuss the importance of school, but I think I went a little too heavy on that front in my analysis of episode one. I'm a school teacher and I don't like it when school teachers are portrayed in this way--stupid and susceptible to cheating.

When they get into Goldenfold's dreams they find several strange levels of dreams, eventually landing in a level where the help a Freddy Krueger knock off, named Scary Terry. While Rick and Morty are adventuring in dream-land, the family dog figures out how to make himself smarter and starts an intelligent dog revolution.

The problem with this episode is that this is pure sci fi rigamarole. There is no deep scientific principle to glean out of this one. No high concept that really makes you think. Heck, this episode isn't really even that entertaining. It certainly is not as funny as other episodes. A filler through and through.

The episode ends with the intelligent dogs jumping through a portal to begin their own world. Morty finished with, "You know, that's a really comforting idea, Rick." And then Rick insults Morty by saying, "Ahhh, what do you know, Morty? What do you know?" It is so derogatory and insulting. We are going to discuss the differences in intelligence between these two characters in the analysis of a future episode, but again, this is his stinking grandpa; he is supposed to love his grandson and instead spends his time insulting his intelligence. 


I still like the show though as you will see in future analysis articles.

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