Thursday, February 4, 2016

Recent Acquisitions: Feb 2016

I've been saving my money recently. I want to buy a lot of different things, but chief among them is a new desk and a PS4. I don't know if I am going to be able to hold out because I do enjoy ordering new games each month. Getting games that I pre-ordered in the mail helps though. I had almost forgotten that I had pre-ordered these beauties too. Always a welcome surprise when there is an unexpected package on the doorstep for me.

Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection--
This is the newest game in the COIN series, which stands for counter insurgency. This includes Lake of Fire (a game about Vietnam) which I also have a keen interest in. But this game looks at the American revolution and all of the different factions that were involved in that conflict. I really wanted this game because of its high solitaire rating. Especially for these deeper, longer war games, I need games that have the ability to be played solo. More and more, I am enjoying solo board gaming. I don't always play games alone, but when no one else is around it is one of the best options.

Talon is a science fiction space ship battles game and you know that I love Sci Fi games. This one pits the Terrans against the Talons and includes hex ship counters that you use a dry erase marker on to show damage to shields and hull. It comes with a ton in the box and looks like a really fun capital ship battle game. Again, this game has a high solitaire rating.

In a trade I was able to get Chainmail, Perry Rhodan, and the Agincourt scenario for the Men of Iron series. Chainmail looks like a pretty simple medieval war game. Perry Rhodan was the game that really enticed me to do the trade because Perry Rhodan is out of print and sometimes fetches relatively high prices on BGG. Perry Rhodan is a pick up and deliver game for two players and I love me some pick up and deliver games. I've already played one game of Perry Rhodan with Amy and I really liked it. It was simple enough to learn quickly and played in about 30 minutes. Not a ton of decisions or strategy, and there is a bit of luck in the cards you are able to draw. But if you can load up on containers to hold goods then you can pick up a bunch of goods on one planet and then spend the next few turns delivering. This is a fairly good strategy and won me the game.

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