Monday, March 16, 2009

Summer Leaves by J.E. Jacobson

I finally had a chance to sit down and read "Summer Leaves an original collection of Haiku and Senryu" by J.E. Jacobson.

As Jacobson states in his forward - the poems do not follow traditional Haiku/Senryu format in most cases. "...please don't waste your time counting syllables." Jacobson states - but the poems in this collection do feel like Haiku/Senryu. With short, bursts of images and emotions. The reader is forced to bring more to these poems than that author is.

The collection is sprinkled with poems that give a belly laugh reaction - some of the potty humor is a welcomed break from the more serious, thought provoking poems in the collection.

Initially I read through the entire collection in roughly seven minutes - but then had a chance to go back and re-read some of the selections, it was upon this second reading that powerful favorites jumped out at me. A few examples...

tree falls
in a deserted wood
quiet morning

of all the daisies
growing in the flower pot
I plucked only one

old journals
only half filled
with metaphors

And there are many more. "Summer Leaves" is definitely worth picking up. More info on J.E. Jacobson HERE. Pick up the book either bound or downloaded HERE. And for a buck and some change who can beat 44 pages of entertainment.


jejacobson said...

Thanks, Scott! I'm glad you liked it!

S_Allen said...

No Problem Joel