Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Class Over and Recent Acquisitions

My masters class - Fiction Fundamentals is over! That is a so good. 1. I was quickly getting tired of the work load - tons of reading. 2. I was really sad that I was forced to spend less time on poetry and more time on fiction. What I got out of it? Well two chapters of a book - not decided whether I will continue on it or not. Maybe one day I will upload a chapter somewhere and provide a link.

Recently acquired March's Poetry Magazine and April's Wizard Magazine. I have begun reading Poetry - haven't even flipped through Wizard. I am sure I will have more comments on Poetry Magazine later - but I read this poem today and I loved it. Thought I would share.

Here I am Lord
by Michael Chitwood

The ribbed black of the umbrella
is an argument for the existence of God,

that little shelter
we carry with us

and may forget
beside a chair

in a committee meeting
we did not especially want to attend.

What a beautiful word, umbrella.
A shade to be opened.

Like a bat's wing, scalloped.
It shivers.

A drum head
beaten by the silver sticks

of rain
and I do not have mine

and so the rain showers me.

Uggghhh - why can I write like this. I read it before going to class tonight and was just smitten. It is so simple, but so poignant and beautiful at the same time.

I also saw Seth Abramson featured in this months Poetry. He has a rip roaring blog going on HERE

On a totally different note - Poetry Boot Camp starts tomorrow. I will give a report as to how the kids react.

And the Renga is continuing. Slower than previously. But still being handed off to other authors. Maybe another week and it will be posted here.

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