Thursday, January 29, 2009

Joe Hutchison: Poetry reading at Pomona High School 1/27/09

Maybe I'm just lucky, but I seem to be blessed recently with a couple of really cool events happening at school - all of which I had a hand in.

On Tuesday, Joseph Hutchison came to Pomona to do a poetry reading. What started as a small reading/question answer session for my creative writing club, soon became a full blown poetry reading - with roughly around fifty to sixty kids.

Joe answered some questions. Which I was really impressed with the levels of questions these students were asking. And then he finished by reading about four poems.

In asking the children after - most commented that they really enjoyed the reading. Many did make the comment that they had never been to something like that before, but would probably consider going again in the future - if another event like this arose.

I really think it was a great event. And we encouraged poetry in school - which unfortunately gets pushed to the side all to often.

Joe read one poem, that was just wonderful - he has it linked on his blog, but I will post it here as well.

City Limits
by Joseph Hutchison

for Melody

You’re like wildwood at the edge of a city.
And I’m the city: steam, sirens, a jumble
of lit and unlit windows in the night.

You’re the land as it must have been
and will be—before me, after me.
It’s your natural openness
I want to enfold me. But then
you’d become city; or you’d hide
away your wildness to save it.

So I stay within limits—city limits,
heart limits. Although, under everything,
I have felt unlimited earth. Unlimited you.


Joseph Hutchison said...

Thanks for the kind words, Scott, and for the gig, which was great fun. It's always a treat to talk with kids. Everything's fresh for them, and they're 80% questions, 5% answers, the rest plain old wonderment. We lose that as we age, until about age 40 we're 80% answers. Of course, that goes away if we live long enough. Myself, I'm back to 5% answers already: my 10-year goal is 80% wonderment....

S_Allen said...

No problem Joe.

It really was great and I'm glad you enjoyed doing it because the kids enjoyed having you.

don't be emily said...

Glad they had that chance, and the chance to meet that poem. That's my favorite.